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Welcome to Soul Vibes Academy.  This is here you will find all of your Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops and information.  Soul Vibes Academy has a mission to radically change the way we learn, teach and accept the Holistic Industry, enabling the box to be removed from all Spiritual Healing and Personal Development.

We encourage the Freedom of speech and exploration and work as a conscious collective of souls to enable the ascension and vibrations of the new order to come into play and to help ourselves without restrictions.  

At the Academy we specialise in making Training and Development Personal and Fun.  We are also developing you to embrace your inner voice and be the catalyst for change.  In a world that is full of rules and regulations we choose not to do the same here, especially in the way of Hands on Healing and Emotional Development.  We realise that this is a personal journey and tailor it to your energy and what outcome you are looking for.  

With over 12  years in the industry and having created my own journey and outlooks, I am blessed with being able to sit in the flow and not regulate to suit an industry however call on all of my experience being over 20 different modalities and teachers and pulling together the perfect package for you.  

We work with the E.A.T. Principals in just about every workshop and this means that we help you to bring together the Emotional and Physical work to better raise the vibration of not only yourself but your clients as well.  Support is always here and you are never left on your own after training and development.  I have students from all over the globe and we continually develop and connect on a collective level.  This is where are strength as a Consciously aware group of practitioners begins.  

If you are unsure on where to begin feel free to go to the contact us page and send an email to organise a free 10 minute call to see if we can  assist you along your journey and have the pleasure of you joining the Collective Consciousness that is continually growing.