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Soul Offerings Explained

Welcome to our Soul Offerings Page this is where you will find information on the services that we offer.

ENERGY HEALING ~ Energy Healing is a   hands on Treatment that allows the therapist to connect with your guides and the universal energy that is available to all of us.  it allows and brings forward balance and a clearing of all negative energy allowing your soul to align and reconnect with your higher self.  This therapy is beautiful to help minimise stress responses within ones body and energetic fields.

(This is A Mobile Service  Operating Between Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast Exchange $280, Please check that your area is serviced, In Person Session In Wellington Point and Gumdale (Private Sanctuary) are also available at the clinic for those who aren't bothered by noise as the clinic can get busy.  Please call to check what time would be suitable for an in clinic session and the Exchange is $222)

ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE & BODYWORK ~ Acupressure Massage and BodyWork is a hands on treatment that works with the fundamentals of Massage Therapy and Acupressure protocols.  BodyWork is a system of allowance and with Belinda's highly sort and uncanny ability to tap into ones physical body to uncover specific ailments and underlying conditions the combination is a perfect place to start.  By using this combination along with Stiper Therapy (Acupuncture without needles) in some cases.  We are able to reduce pain and inflammation, Increase Blood Flood and remove stagnant energy and tightness sitting within the muscles.  Belinda Specialises in Organ and Meridian Functions and optimisation of movement.

(Services Provided at AllSports Physiotherapy Wellington Point) Exchange $55 (45 Minute - 1  Hour Sessions). (Mobile Services are available for Women and Long standing Clients only at this stage and the exchange is $120. Services are also available at Gumdale $120)

Please note that Mobile Services for Seniors and Those who have an Enabling Gift Condition (Disabled Services) Mobile Services are available in the local Redlands Area for a very small fee.  Please call to find out more information.

E.A.T. (Emotional Awakening Technique) ~ E.A.T. is a combination of Bodywork including acupressure, Energy Healing and Word Assciation to clear the physical and emotional stresses that come from past and present conditioning, traumas, and scenarios.  This is a powerful technique that has instant results.  Generally speaking 1-2 sessions is all that is needed.  

(Services Provided at Allsports Physio and Gumdale ($180) and Mobile Services Exchange is $222

POSITIVE MINDSET SESSIONS ~ Positive Mindset Sessions are a combination of guided one on one meditation, E.A.T. (Emotional Awakening Technique) and Energy Healing.  We work on all aspects of self and help to shift the Negative Self Talk that we all fill our lives with.  These sessions are kept individual and are not facilitated within a group.  

What we work towards

  • Shifting our mindset about Self Right Now

  • Shifting all aspects of learnt behaviour patterns

  • Positive Self Talk

  • Connection with our higher self and guides

  • Clearing our energy fields and allowing free flowing energy

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Clarity of purpose moving forward

  • Teach the children that it is ok to feel the way they do and allow free expression

(This is a Mobile Service Please check that your area is serviced) Exchange $88 Adult, $33 Children and joint Adult and child $88, concession card holders please call to check pricing.

Workplace Team Building Sessions

Team Building Sessions are available on a Wednesday and by appointment only.  The aim of the sessions that run for 1-2 hours depending on the size of the team are designed to assist each individual to learn to read their co-workers, how to manage their home versus work life and not allow the overlap to effect productivity, how to profile their clients and co-workers to gain a full understanding of the strengths of the team.  This is a fun interactive session that can shift the dynamics to a full functioning team environment.  

(This is a mobile service and the exchange is $444 for up to 10 Employees, For larger numbers please email belinda@soulvibes33.com)

For Other Services we offer ~ Feel Free to Contact Us for more information