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The Silver Violet Flame is a high frequency spiritual energy, which has been known to spiritual adepts for thousands of years. It was reintroduced by the Ascended Master, Saint Germaine, and is the seventh ray of God’s / The Universe’s consciousness. The Violet Flame is for those who hear the call of community or spiritual service to mankind, and it also provides the wisdom needed to overcome the selfishness in our lives. 


It can be invoked by reciting special kinds of prayers known as decrees or mantras, and when combined with meditation and visualisation, the Violet Flame has the power to change or transmute the negative energy manifesting at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This negative energy may take the form of illness, stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, hate, anger or unwanted habits etc., all of which prevent us from experiencing the beauty and joy of our higher spiritual nature. 


The Initiation is given via Distance initiation and is generally just as powerful if not more than an in person initiation.




St Germaine & The Silver Violet Flame