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Rockin' Vibrations - Self Awareness Intensive


This program is designed to shift alter and remove the thought and behaviour patterns that we attach to and to alter and increase your sense of personal awareness to shift your state of consciousness and to allow you to step forward in our very fast paced world.


What we do know about this program;

*  It is life changing if you want it to be.

*  Full commitment to the 4 weeks is required for maximum benefits.

*  You will purge and You will question every aspect of self

*  You will tell your story and be confronted by your facilitator.

*  You will be fully supported during your process.

*  You will be offered meditations and mini workshops to help shift your awareness.

*  You will be asked to look and your shadow and light sides and  meld the two worlds.

*  You will be doing videos and really stepping outside your comfort zone.

*  You will be blown away by the realisations.


Total Exchange for the 4 week intensive is $144. 


Online Dates 28th September ~ 26th October





Rockin' Vibrations Series 2 ~ ONLINE