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The Orb of Life is not an attunement or a physical object – it is a gift of high Frequency Spiritual Energy that is concentrated into an energy sphere and may be passed from one person to another.


The Orb of Life was originally developed by meditation master, Ole Gabrielsen and gifted to Anna May.  I have been fortunate enough to be gifted with the Orb by Anna May.


You do not have to be a practicing healer or be attuned to any system of energy healing to work with the Orb of Life.  It will enhance any other healing system you may choose to work with.



The Orb of Life can be used for many purposes:


Healing yourself and others (including animals and plants)

Cleansing your aura and chakras

Providing protection on an energetic level

Psychic self-defense

Enhancing your meditative experiences

Charging water/crystals etc with spiritual energy

Clearing negative energy from your environment

Sending healing to a situation

Sending distant healing

Sending specifically for animals

Used to set up distance or hands on Attunements/initiations


Once Purchased you will be sent an email to organise your Initiation.  The Orb of Life is delivered via Distance Initiation, this can be just as powerfulif not more powerful than a hands on attunement.




Orb Of Life Mini Workshop