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Quan Yin and Lotus Foutnain Healing


Have you ever felt what pure divine Feminine Energy Feels like...Most of us haven't.  Working with our Goddess Quan Yin and Lotus Fountain Healing allows you to tap into and feel what open heart resonance feels like in a meditative state.  It also allows you to become that intune with yourself that you will wonder how you could have lived without it.  Quan Yin brings peace and embodiment when you work with her energies, along with the Lotus which represents new life and hope.  


Once attuned to the energies you will sit in a spce where incantations flow, prayers of love and hope swirl around you.  You will also be able to offer this modality to others.


No experience is necessary to work with Quan yin Or Lotus Fountain, it is just the simplicity of reconnecting with yourself.  


You will receive an email with the manual and instructions on how to call in your attunement.  There is one attunement once you have finished reading the manual, simply email belinda@soulvibes33.com and your attunement will be set up for you with clear instructions.




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Lotus Fountain Healing Workshop