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Kundalini Reiki (Tummo) is the simplest and most powerful systems of healing and spiritual development.  A system of regular healing, meditation and expression of the transformative force of spiritual and earth energies that can profoundly enhance your life on all levels.


From a personal point of view my life has changed since activation of my Kundalini.  It is like the slate has been cleared and my tolerance for others and situations has increased.  From a healing point of view my treatments are stronger and take less time as the energy of Tummo is much more powerful than that of Usui Reiki as it is more focused on certain channels we will learn more about this through the manual. 


From a vibrational point of view it enhances your vibration greatly.  Any baggage you had coming into this course will be cleared with the activation that is the only warning I have for you.  Please ensure that within yourself you are ready for this change.


All Attunements and Initiations are delivered via distance.  A confirmation email will be ent with times and days that are mutually agreed on.




Kundalini Fire Level 1-3