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Flowegy 2020 Program is a Healing Intesnive Program run over 5 Days.  The idea of this program is to bring forward and shift the patterning of our lack of self care with gentle prompts and reminders throughout the day.  This program allows you to feel connected within yourself and to feel the support that you could potentially be offering to fulfill your own needs.


Quite often we sit in a space of Lack and we focus our intention and attention on everyone else.  This program is designed to bring that back to you and to allow the Pendulum of imbalance to stop swinging just for a short time.  


This is a great program to use as a reset and only takes 5 minutes a day on your behalf.  You can then sit back and enjoy the benefits of Distance Healing and increased energy levels.


How does this program work

  • Private Facebook Group is established with Daily Affirmation and Intention Guidlines set
  • Reminder Text Message is sent each day reminding you to Connect with yourself
  • Daily Individual Healing is sent Via Orb of Life Method and Energetic Movement Is provided
  • Chakra Balancing and Clearing on All levels
  • Full access to Belinda for the 5 days via Facebook Messenger and Text Message to discuss any issues that may arise or ask any questions that pop up during the 5 days.


Total Cost of the Program is $88.  


For more information please email belinda@soulvibes33.com


Flowegy 2020 Program