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Ethereal Crystal Healing is a simple and powerful energy healing technique.  When you are attuned to the 21 Ethereal Crystals of Level 1 it enables you to effectively use the crystals without them being physically present. 

Ethereal Crystals can be used as a complete healing technique or used in conjunction with other modalities such as aromatherapy, massage, colour therapy, Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki. 

It is necessary to understand how the chakras work and what role they play in order to have effective application.  We will discuss this more, later in the manual. 
Ethereal Crystal Healing is similar to Mainstream Physical Crystal healing, the only difference is you don’t need to have the crystals present. When healing, you are able to place the Ethereal Crystal into the Auric Field and into the Physical Body.  This is where the Chakras come into play as placement is based on the meridians and chakra centres. 

They can also be used to grid properties, create a sacred space, to enhance properties of other physical crystals by 400 times their usual energy.  This will all be discussed during level 2 and level 3.  By the end of level 3, you will be attuned to 60 different Crystals and be able to send distance healings, attune other students. 
There are 9 attunements in total 3 on each day which are all delivered via distance Attunement.





Ethereal Crystal Healing 1-3