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Emotional Awakening Technique - E.A.T.

Emotional Awakening technique or E.A.T. for short yes I know I know it’s a bit of a cliché really isn’t because what most women and some men turn to when they are emotionally vulnerable is food right…So its PERFECT!!

E.A.T. is a technique that has been developed over the last 6 years. Using this technique it allows the client to be in complete control of their healing and work through not only their story but their physical reactions as well to specific words used throughout their story telling. NO this is NOT counselling or Psychology this is Full Spectrum HEALING.

The Main Focus is to allow the client to become aware of their body’s reaction to different scenarios, words and emotions within their own body. The client will walk away with tools to help guide them in the future. Generally 1 or 2 sessions is enough to kick start and allow the client to maintain their day to day situations without falling into the overthinking and self-sabotaging ways.

How does this Technique Work

Like a normal healing session the client is generally on the table in a relaxed position ready to receive healing. Specific questions are asked in the beginning and the client is then allowed to start talking about what the main issue right now is. While being guided by the therapist through word analysis, the therapists continues to facilitate Energy Healing through hands on work, asking different questions along the way. We are ultimately building a profile through our communication.

Why are the questions so vital to the process…They are vital because with every emotion, memory, thought there is a physical reaction within the body somewhere. As a therapists you stop and watch what the body is doing along with how the clients breathing changes and how their level of discomfort shifts through different stages of the technique ready for release and awakening.

Each persons’ process is different and each level of dis- ease within the system is different. A Professionally trained therapist will be able to pick up very quickly where the focus needs to be and what questions and emotions are to be bought to the surface.

Sessions and Workshops

Training to become an E.A.T. Therapist is an extensive process where no time limit on training is available as everyone learns at different rates and in different ways. Generally the theory behind the Technique is roughly 2 x 3 hour sessions and the practical component is at least 10 hours hands on supervised training. Hands on Training is where we have multiple volunteers on the table and you are working directly with them. This allows the therapists confidence to grow and to ask all the questions they need in a training setting. Each Client is different and has varying levels and situations for you to work with.

The Basics of what is covered in the workshop

* Specific Acupressure points to help with releasing emotions
* Energy Healing basics and know how
* Breathework
* Bodywork and how to use Trigger Point Therapy Techniques
* Clarity in communication
* How to Ethically relay information and Honour the Clients process
* The Chakra system and correlation between physical responses
* how to effectively write your findings and offer tools
* Hygiene and Client Safety Protocols
* Confidentiality and how to maintain client relationships
* Certificate of Completion is received once Your Supervised Training is complete.

These are the basic topics that are covered during this workshop over the two days.

Workshop Exchange is $888 and Non Refundable Deposit of $350 is required to secure your place.

Payments are done via direct deposit or through this link on the website and payments plans arranged to suit your budget.

To Secure your Place Direct Deposit Details
Belinda McKnoulty
BSB - 514179
ACC - 1732218
REF - Surname & EAT

If you would like more information please email belinda@soulvibes33.com or feel free to call Belinda on 0455543544.


E.A.T. Workshop