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Welcome to Our Trusted  Soul Collective.  On this page you will find the contact Details for our beautiful Recommended Therapists and Companies that I use regularly.  Our Soul  Collective is built on Honour and Trust and we all resonate with different Therapists at any  given time and we as Therapists trust that our Clients are looked after.  Being part of this Soul Collective means that from my perspective I know that we are all following our hearts and working from a place of service.  Each person recommended I have worked with Personally over the last 10 years and it is an honour to have them share our vision of the Collective Consciousness.  Be sure to jump onto your laptop or PC  to see our full Profiles


Kurt ~ The Meditation Mechanic ~ Sacred Sound ~ Capalaba

My intention
I wish to open hearts by simply sharing mine with the world.
I wish to open your eyes to see the true beauty that is life, through all that I express.
I wish to bring a deeper awareness to the power of looking within.

My intention is to reach out and connect with people on a deep and sacred level.

To share my words, to share my music, to share my teaching, my healing and my presence of love and peace in all that i do.

To open a platform for people to heal, for people to awaken to truth, to align with a pure space of love. To share the ancient wisdom that has been passed onto me, to teach people how to find there peace, there stillness in this noisy world that surrounds us. To share the wisdom of the ancient ones through ceremony, through sound and through the passage of speech.

I am here to hold space for all that need my help. I am here to share from my heart and to teach others how to live from this space. To remind all beings of there true nature and to be a clear mirror for you all to see the beauty that lies within.
I would also love to reach out to my brothers my sisters all over the world. I ask for those that feel this calling, that feel my words may we come together in this great and powerful time in history. May we all find each other and share together, may we open our hearts, open our space and may we collaborate all over the world.

In supporting others sharing the same energy of the sacred heart, we unite again as one family. There is magical work awaiting us my friends and I would love to join with you and share together in balance and harmony.

With the deepest of love in my heart, i wish you all the greatest of blessings.

Kurt Iwanina xxoo
The Meditation Mechanic

Selena Joy Lovett ~ Tarot, Energy Healing, Counselling ~ Spain

Hi My names Selena Joy, I live in Spain where I have my grown up kids (that went fast) and my dogs!!! 

I have studied and incorporated into my life many healing systems, now I focus mainly on

Tarot readings and sending energy to help unblock what is found within the reading.

I have always been a very spiritual person; I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits and angels. I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect with my spirit guide, and love having the opportunity to connect to guide people through difficult situation and to give insights into their life. My focus is to help people on their journey and to help heal and move any blocked energy that hinders their path.

I am a Reiki Master, Energy Healer and CBT, NPL counsellor and mindfulness and life coach - so if you feel that you are in need of some peace and balance in your life please contact me to arrange a Healing session.

A personal reading can help you gain clarity in your current situation, when faced with decisions for your future or when you want to get a better understanding of the big picture and what your Spirit Guides are trying to communicate.

A accurate and insightful Tarot reading can help you discover what is holding you back from the happiness and fulfillment that you deserve in your life.


Selena Joy

Anita ~ Angel Intuitive, Yoga Instructor, Soul Meditation Facilitator ~ Angelight Yoga ~ Gumdale

I am a certified Yoga Teacher, Angel Intuitive, Angel Card Reader, Energy/Shamanic Healer,  

and devotee to living and loving more passionately and purposefully.

I am honoured, humbled and joyous on all levels of my being to be walking my talk and

following my path of truth.

The divine practices of YOGA & Meditation have become a way of life for me,

bringing a deeper sense of connection, love, joy and peace within my Being. 

I am forever grateful for all of the ‘life tools’ (conscious breath, connection to self, acceptance, awareness, forgiveness, kindness, balance, surrender, feeling, healing – to name a few) that I integrate into my journey on a daily basis. I see these tools as gifts of divine devotion, enabling myself, my family and those who cross my light path to be guided and awakened to their soul~self.

I am passionate about selfless service, I believe in magic, miracles, the teacher within and most importantly ‘I love what I do and I do what I love’. I feel blessed, delighted and excited to journey with you and very much look forward to our Journey together.

Namaste, Anita

Allsports Physiotherapy ~ Wellington Point

Allsports Physiotherapy offers a multidisciplinary approach to Rehabilitation and injury Management.  offering everything from Physiotherapy, Massage, Podiatry and Pilates to help assist in having a whole approach to their clients.