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Mission Statement


With Passion, Creativity, Honour and Integrity we are organically the Teachers and Therapists of the New World of Alternative Medicine.  We Strive to uphold freedom of speech, healing and choice in a world that deserves authenticity. 

We create a learning environment for all of our people to embrace their own unique gifts in a safe and supportive environment for growth and potential.

We show Honour to our ancestors and those before us who have allowed us the freedom to work beyond the realms.  Our Promise to our People is to show only kindness and allow each and every person to experience Love and Compassion.


With Love

Belinda McKnoulty

Welcome to Soul Vibes. I am the catalyst for Most including myself and the Intuitive Vibing Soulo Owner of Soul Vibes.  I am  based in Wellington Point, about 25 Minutes from Brisbane City.

With over 11 years in Serving the Spiritual Industry and Working with all aspects of the spiritual Realm it is now my Mission and Life Purpose to bring not only an amazing range of products at affordable prices but also a Healing Hub for those who wish to work with me and who wish to have a safe space to nurture their craft. 

I have students from all over the world and have trained under some of the Most Worldly and Professional Masters who are Humble in their teachings. 

Soul Vibes  is your playground to be free and unrestricted just like I am within  my craft.  I love the unknown and the experiences that I have gained being with each of my clients.  I don't like to call it work because it really isn't when its facilitated from the heart.  

Positive Mindset sessions are designed to work with everyone including children.  There is always help out there even when you think there isn't.  My mission and purpose behind offering these Combination Positive Mindset Sessions is so that no one ever has to feel unsupported like my family has when it comes to Mental Health with our children and the ripple effect it has on the family and our loved ones.  I am a qualified E.A.T. therapist (Emotional Awakening Technique) and have studied for many years on the working of energy and how to shift our mindset and perception to allow a calm and centered approach.  Money is always a factor in gaining access to help this is the only modality and service offered where you can negotiate your own cost if you aren't in a position to pay the full exchange.  Ask the question it shows strength character and a willingness to seek help.


We all know that self-healing is one of the most uplifting and positive experiences for us not only on a physical level but also a soul level.


I am so excited to be working with you and that you have taken the time to scroll through the website.  For More Reading why not head to our Blog section.




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